Erasmus for study

Erasmus is the most widely known European program for international cooperation in the field of education and allows for the integration of the academic curriculum with a period of study in another foreign university within the European Union.

During this period abroad, it is possible to attend lessons and take exams in one’s own Degree course, in addition to living a new cultural experience which allows to perfect one’s knowledge of another language and meet young people from other countries in a stimulating and cosmopolitan environment.

Incoming Erasmus students

Students from EU Universities which participate in the Erasmus Project can choose the Fondazione Campus to fulfill their experience abroad and attend lessons in the Tourism Degree Course.

In the selection of subjects and the period of study in Italy, it is necessary to consider the following information:

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Erasmus placement

Erasmus Placement promotes the activation of training at businesses or training and research centres in one of the European countries participating in the Program.

Training allows students to acquire specific skills and a better comprehension of the social-economic culture of the hosting country, to develop one’s own capability to adapt to the global work market and to perfect one’s linguistic knowledge, to form future qualified, open professionals, with international experience.

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