Professional orientation

The Career Service offers a concrete support during the transition from university to the job, and helping in the selection of a profession and the path of professional growth through a series of activities and initiatives, such as:

  • scheduling of individual interviews with the student to provide guidance in the selection of the internship and the first employment;
  • gathering internship requests;
  • permanent contact with businesses and institutions to gather and examine the training proposal;
  • simulation of work interviews in both Italian and English;
  • organisation of professional workshops and meetings with professionals from leading tourism companies;
  • #careerracconta: the graduates of the Fondazione Campus, holding leading work positions in tourism, relate their experiences to first year students;
  • #careerscopre: the students from the Degree Programs have the opportunity to visit and get to know some of the affiliated companies.

Curricular internships

The curricular internships are practiced by the students enrolled in the Three-year Bachelor Degree Program at the completion of the study program and have a content which is mainly formative.  The experience must have a minimum duration of 225 hours and, on completion, offers the students 9 credits (CFU).

Once the internship is activated, the Career Service continuously monitors the progress of the experience to implement any possible corrections in itinerary, evaluate the main areas of interest, and study re-entry into the educational program.

The students of the Fondazione Campus can fulfill internships at:

  • hotels and other accommodation facilities
  • traditional and multimedia tourism publications
  • regional and national tourism offices
  • entities that manage hospitality services regarding cultural and environmental heritage
  • organisations that operate in the area of cultural events, expositions, congresses and performances
  • communication agencies
  • companies operating in the sector of transport at national and international level
  • sport and wellness centres
  • tourism agencies and public administration involved in activities of planning, promotion and management of ‘tourism products’
  • travel agencies and tour operators
  • cooperative and consortium businesses of integrated tourism
  • international and EU organizations operating in sustaining economic development
  • governmental and non governmental institutions, both centralised and decentralised, in the fields of tourism, culture, of cultural and environmental heritage and local development
  • companies involved in cultural mediation and sustainable and responsible tourism
  • consultants for local entities and for new businesses in the hospitality industry
  • communicators of the touristic-culture chain and producers of the relative traditional and multimedia publishing instruments.


Extracurricular internships

The extracurricular internships are optional and can be performed by all the students enrolled in our Tourism Programs which, during the study program, want to increase their formative background and assess themselves through professional experience useful to guide them in their future choices.


Job Placement

The Career Service encourages the encounter between demand and work offer through direct contact and a continuous dialogue with companies and established entities, promotes employment opportunities in Italy and abroad, always emphasizing the aspirations, skills and educational program of the students and graduates.

Employment rates of graduates academic year 2017-18:

  • 83,5% of placements within 6 months of completion of the Bachelor’s degree course
  • 89% of placement within 6 months of completion of the Master’s degree course.



The Career Service offers companies:

  • research, selection and evaluation of the curricula vitae to assist the internship offers and work opportunities to the young specialised in the field of Tourism;
  • communicating internships and job proposals to students through a newsletter and targeted communication;
  • meetings with students during professional orientation activities to present the company and promote training;
  • encouraging the beginning of academic partnership projects.
Hours and contacts

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It is possible to contact the staff by phone or e-mail.
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