Are you a private university?

Campus Lucca which offers the Bachelor degree in Tourism Science (class L-15) and the Master’s degree in Planning and Management of Mediterranean Tourism Facilities (class LM-49) is the venue for the courses that are run by 6 institutions: University of Pisa (administrative office) University of Pavia, University of Lugano, Fondazione Campus and the council of Lucca.

What does Campus mean?

It means a venue for the exclusive use of the Tourism degree courses and the combination of a closed number and mandatory attendance

Is it possible to live at Campus?

Campus has 7 double rooms with bathroom. The rent is €305/month which includes cleaning –twice a week- use of communal areas (kitchen, lounge, store room and laundry room). The rooms are spacious and well-furnished. For other students, Campus offers assistance in finding accommodation.

What are Campus’ strengths?

Our strengths are:

  • The quality of our teaching staff (selected from the best of the 3 universities and aided by highly qualified external staff in the field of tourism)
  • The quality of our teaching: all the courses have been planned and prepared exclusively for the tourism degrees. Classroom lessons are bolstered by lab sessions, external lessons and countless opportunities for further development.
  • The small number of students per year: no more than 75 per year. This allows a close relationship with the teaching staff. On average in Italian universities, the ratio is 1:35 lecturer to students. In developed countries it is on average 1:15.At Campus it is 1:2.5 (2006/07 data).
  • The availability of tutors, assistants ready to help out the students with their studies and exam preparation.
  • Good layout and plenty of space (library, labs, etc)

How and when can I apply for the Bachelor degree?

From the beginning of July to the end of August as per the rules and regulations set out by the University of Pisa.

What is the selection process for the Bachelor degree in Tourism Science?

Selection consists of a written paper and an oral exam. The tests are 50 multiple-choice questions on general culture. The oral exam takes the form of an interview based on the same topics as the written exam with questions as to the student’s motivation for choosing this course. These exams will take place in the first weeks of September. There are past papers on the website.

What are the fees?

As follows:

  • University of Pisa’s quota. One can apply for a reduction or a grant.
  • The quota for Campus, which contributes in part to the payment for the services on offer by Fondazione Campus. There are grants available yearly, donated by Provincia di Lucca.

Does the payment for the labs and teaching facilities include the canteen and accommodation at Campus?

No, these are extra.

Does the Master’s degree have a closed number and an entrance exam?

No, neither.

Is attendance mandatory on the Master’s degree?

Yes, as on the Bachelor degree.

Is the shuttle bus free?

Yes, it is a free service.

Can I apply for the Master’s degree if I have not studied a tourism-based bachelor degree?

In this case it will be necessary to evaluate what has been already studied. For verification you can send an email with your degree and the courses and exams completed and credits gained to: segreteria.corsidilaurea@fondazionecampus.it or fax +39 0583 333200.